Culture at Stollwerck Cologne
Nick Cave Stollwerck 1984

Culture at Stollwerck Cologne

The Palazzo Schoko cultural center, a legal interim tenant in the factory, organized concerts and performance art in cooperation with the squatters, which in turn attracted supporters of the occupation.

The discussions about the redevelopment of the Stollwerck buildings in Cologne's Severinsviertel, whether to demolish them or to use them, ended in the late 1970s with the buildings being occupied for 49 days.

After a large part of the site was demolished, the machine hall, wheel room, tiled hall and Anna hall were used as an autonomous cultural center for the next seven years. Numerous art projects and music groups have emerged in and around the "Palazzo Schoko" center. In 1987, the remaining part was also demolished.

Nick Cave, Holger Czukay and John Lurie and the Lounge Lizzards, for example, have played there.